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Iranmarbles Stone blocks extraction and selling center:

"Kaniyar sang Zagros" company known as Iranmarbles brand, is one of the first active companies in the fields of extraction and selling exportable natural stone blocks in Iran, which started its activities in 2004. Using the help of professional experts along with modern technologies in the stone blocks extractions process, this company has sold many kinds of stone blocks such as marbles, limestones, and crystals, with the highest quality to many customers from many different countries.

Our company has the honor of associating with more than 20 stone block quarries. The high-end quality of extracted stones by the Iranmarbles extracting and selling center has granted us the honor to achieve many exporting and collaboration experiences with many different companies from all over the world such as China, Turkey, Italy, India, USA, and Greece.

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Stone Blocks:

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We try to make buying stone blocks as easy as possible:

We are proud to let every active company in the fields of stone manufacturing and selling from all over the world knows that Iranmarbles company, the stone blocks sales center, is ready to supply your requests for marble, limestone, and crystal stone blocks. stone block storages of Iranmarbles company are located next to the main quarries of Iran like Gohare limestone quarries in Khorramabad, marble quarries of Harsin, and crystal quarries of Azna and Aligudarz in Lorestan province.

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This vicinity to the main sources of the extracted stone blocks has helped our experts to supervise the quality of stone blocks more efficiently. All these quarries are currently active in a geographical area extended to a range not longer than 200KM around Khorramabad, Azna, Aligudarz, and Harsin cities. As mentioned earlier, our specific location provides our experts with the great opportunity to have direct supervision over almost all the processes, eventually leading to extracted stone blocks with acceptable standards and a wide range of qualities.

We analyze every extracted stone block, based on our information and common standards so we are capable of providing our dear customers with any kind of stone block they wish to purchase, with a minimum of charges. It’s also has been made possible for all of our customers to decide or buy their required stone blocks from the wide range of available stones in our online storages.It's also possible to visit Iranmarbles sales center in person. Luckily we have been capable of Introducing buyers to our procedures and of course the quality of our work well enough that after a few purchasing, they put in enough trust to purchase their stone blocks without paying us a personal visit and submitting online their orders.

Collaborating with a wide range of quarries:

Iranmarbles company is placed in a specific geographical location where it has direct access to a wide range of limestone, marble, and crystal quarries. it all has made it easier for our experts to have precise supervision over extracting processes of high-quality stone blocks with appropriate export standards.

Visiting stone block storages online:

It's been made possible for our dear customers to have online access to photos and information of our block storages through our website and decide about their purchase. it is also possible for them to preorder or reserve stone blocks through the Iranmarbles stone block sales center website.

Carrying out customs affairs and sending:

The Iranmarbles company is ready to take care of all customs formalities, load and deliver the purchased stone blocks in the shortest time possible. it should also be mentioned that we consider all safety measures through our transportation processes and use modern technologies that are required for this matter.

How does Iranmarbles stone blocks selling center work?

Every product of this company is accessible through our website and stone block is one of such products. Our experts categorized all sorts and types of available stones into different grades and groups and are being offered to customers according to their different qualities and specifications.Many contractors and commercial companies have purchased from the Iranmarbles stone block selling website for exportation, construction, and civil measuring purposes.

Since selling the stone block is done without any intermediates, it has caused a significant decrease in final prices, which is an important essence in cost savings.

How can you buy the best quality stone block without intermediates through our website?

You can contact our sales advisors online and buy the stone blocks which serve your purposes the best amidst our stone block storages. one of all the privileges that the Iranmarbles website provides for its visitors, is that you can purchase any type of stone block at the most reasonable price possible and even cheaper than their main price on the global market.

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