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Stone Block Quarries:

We are proud to announce that currently over 20 different kinds of limestone, crystals, and marble quarries have a contract with the Iranmarbles company. this means our customers are now capable of choosing from a wide range of stone blocks that are available by paying us a personal visit or submitting their order online.

Our team works in quarry centers of limestone and marbles, mostly located in a geographical zone with an area of less than 100 km around Khorramabad, Azna, Aligudarz, and Harsin cities. our experts inspect each and every stone block that goes through extraction and manufacture operations so you can receive your desired blocks with the highest quality and appropriate price.

iran marble quarries

Marble Stone Blocks:

Marble stones have a calcareous structure and due to their special weight (density) which is heavier than limestones, are considered soft stones. based on the quantity and specifications of impurities that they carry, they may appear in dark or bright colors such as white, cream, red, yellow, green, and…

Since this branch of stones has distinguished beauty, strength, and polishability they might be the best option for interior applications like pavements, staircases, and interior walls.

Detailsharsing beige marble block

Harsin Marble Blocks

Marble stone of Harsin is a type of marble stone that with Its bright color and...

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DetailsPersian Pietra Gray Marble Block

Persian Pietra Gray Marble Blocks

Persian Pietra Gray Marble stone is a dazzling black Marble stone with...

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Limestone Blocks:

Limestone is a calcareous and sedimentary stone that is mainly composed of calcite minerals. these stones have less special weight (lower density) compared to marble stones. The limestone that’s extracted from quarries in Iran is mostly in bright colors except for "Patris limestone" which has a darker color to it.

Thanks to new evolutions and innovations in nanotechnology, limestone blocks have become resistant to water absorption using Nanomaterials which considering the charges, can be a better option for designing facades compared to white travertine. You can also count on these stones as an appropriate option for interior wall designs.

Detailsgohare beige limestone block

Gohare Beige Limestone Blocks

Gohare limestone also known as Persiano limestone is a type of beige limestone that...

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Detailspatris gray limestone block

Patris Limestone Blocks

Patris limestone is of the youngest natural limestones in Iran and its...

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Crystal Stone Blocks:

Crystals are a sort of marble stone that has been transformed for a long period of time due to thermal pressure caused by high-pressure magma injection. there are granulations, visible to the eye on their surface, and as these granulations on the stone surface grow larger, we call them crystals. crystal stone is mostly composed of two calcites and wollastonite minerals and their colors vary from dark gray to light gray with yellow or black streaks.

Crystal block is mainly used for designing facades, staircases, pavements, footpaths, stone curbs, or in the creation of stone artifacts.

Detailsazna white crystal block

Azna White Crystal Blocks

The white crystal stone of Azna is known as the most famous crystal stone in Iran...

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DetailsAligudarz white crystal block

Aligudarz Crystal Blocks

Aligudarz white Crystal stone is one of the most reputable stones throughout the world...

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